Nothing Short of a Holocaust

What happens on factory farms is nothing short of a holocaust honestly. Do some hard research and I'm sure you'll agree, then not to mention how it affects your health and the environment. Our appetite to eat meat is costing our planet dearly we've already seen an increase in aggressive and catastrophic weather events which will only continue to get worse. Then throw in commercial fishing, highly destructive, depleting the oceans and billions of accidentally caught by-catch victims among other issues. There's never been a better time to give up meat and animal products period. I gave up meat (and all seafood) in 1997 for ethical concerns over a 6 month period I even had a (ham) relapse but I pushed on and finally made it.. little did I know then how significant my choice would be 23 years later! The plant-based movement is stronger then it has ever been with more premium options then there has ever been. I only wish I would have made the change sooner.

What does Holocaust mean?

We know that to use this term is a controversial and touchy subject and we are in no way equating these events however we are pointing out the many similarities between the two.



*which does happen very often at factory farms